Attendance Policy, Mobile Devices, and Computer Use

I want to emphasize the mobile-device policy and internet-use policy in EN091. If I see your phone, I will assume it is in use, and you will be counted absent for the day. In addition, all daily grades during that class will be marked as 0. Similar actions will be taken for students with non-phone mobile devices.

I also want to emphasize the policy regarding the use of personal computers as well as the classroom computers.

Personal computers: allowed *only* for people who have permission from the PASS office to use one. This permission should be provided to me from the PASS office. The non-authorized use of a personal computer (even for uploading assignments in class) will result in an absence for the day and a 0, if applicable. Save your work as a Word document, save it to the cloud, or email it to yourself. There is never any need for you to use your own computer to compose or submit your work.

Recreational use of classroom or personal computers: not permitted. The purpose of the computers is for writing, accessing, and uploading assignments (via Turnitin), checking the course website, and using portal to access assignments. It is not for checking personal email*, doing assignments for other classes, watching YouTube videos, reading articles, or checking out sports’ profiles. ANY student doing these things will be counted absent, and that student will not be warned.

ALL of these absences count towards your allowed total of 10.

There is quite a bit of research detailing the extent to which the internet and devices are distractions in the classroom — you are in this class for 165 minutes per week, and I expect you to prepare for that time in advance and focus on the material while you are there.

*accessing course documents via your email is permitted





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