How Your Essays Will Be Graded

As I mentioned in class, your essay grade (for the Narrative Essay and the Expository Essay) will not only include the quality of the final draft, it will also include the daily process work. Remember: if I receive no work from you apart from the final essay, the highest grade you can receive will be a 50.

The reason why I am taking this approach is threefold:

  1. it will encourage you not to skip class since every day has a writing assignment built into it, and missing class means that you won’t be able to print off any writing for that day (which is a part of the overall grade)
  2. it will reinforce the importance of the writing process and require you to focus on writing daily as part of the development of the essay itself
  3. it will not permit you to wait until the last minute to write your essay — procrastinating is a technique that generally does not result in solid writing

If you miss class for a school-activity-related reason, I will expect you to look at the Unit III Syllabus, see what the writing assignment is for that day, and email the material to me BEFORE your next appearance in class. If you email me before you leave (as you should), I will send the handouts that we will be using on the class day that you miss so you won’t be behind.

If you do not do the things mentioned above, your essay grade will be affected. 


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