Writing a Conclusion

Writing concluding paragraphs is difficult for many reasons, but most people worry about repeating themselves. Think about it this way: you are summarizing your thoughts and the events that you have just talked about, not repeating them. It may seem ridiculous to have to remind the reader of what you just said, but imagine if this was a 25-page report…you need a conclusion that wraps everything up for your readers who will absolutely not remember what you said on page 5. This is a way to practice your summarizing techniques.  I would like for your conclusion to contain or refer to the following elements:

  • Your thesis, restated. That means written differently. Do not copy and paste your thesis. Think about how you have demonstrated your thesis, and reword it. Use different words, but make the same point.
  • The major feelings, concerns, or lessons attached to your experience of the event. You need to remind your readers of the really important things about your essay. If you had to reduce your entire essay to one paragraph, this would be that paragraph. Remind your readers of the important parts.
  • Talk about your future plans. And when you talk about them, elaborate. Don’t just say that you plan to be a forensic pathologist (again); explain what such a job might mean to you or to others. How might you in your position help your community?

This is your last chance to remind your readers of your argument (thesis), main ideas, and future plans. Use strong words, be confident, and be convincing.


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