5. Comparison Paragraph

For the comparison and contrast assignments, you will be writing one comparison paragraph and one contrast paragraph.  In EN101, you may be writing an essay that both compares and contrasts two similar, but not identical, items.

The Comparison Paragraph requires you to compare two academic courses that have similarities. The Contrast Paragraph will require you to use the same courses, look at the differences between them, and determine which is preferable. Make sure that you pick courses that have both similarities and differences.

The prompt: you will compare two courses — a course that you are taking NOW and a course that you took in high school. The courses you choose should be the same subject type — math courses, science courses, religion courses. Do NOT compare English courses, as that will require you to use this class.

You WILL be using the two classes for the Contrast Paragraph, where you will need to look at the differences between them.

DO NOT compare “classes/school in high school” and “classes/school at LC.” If you do not focus on specific classes, your paragraph will fail.

Your topic sentence will, as usual, be the first sentence of your 200-300 word paragraph.

Your topic sentence will need to include the following information:

  • What the two classes are
  • That they are similar in some way

The rest of the paragraph must introduce and describe points of comparison, or similarities, between them.

The points of comparison should incorporate the skills you have developed in the description. Think about aspects of the classes that can be used to compare them — content, homework, lectures, expectations — and develop your paragraph along those lines.

  • Your paragraph will begin with the topic sentence, which will identify the two classes and where you took those classes.
  • You will then decide what points you will use to compare them — content, homework, lectures, expectations — and think about how they are similar. YOU ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT HOW THEY ARE DIFFERENT. YOU SHOULD NOT SAY THAT ONE COURSE IS BETTER THAN ANOTHER. YOU SHOULD NOT WRITE ABOUT ONE BEING WORSE THAN THE OTHER.
  • Your paragraph should be clear about what these classes have in common all throughout the paragraph. You will be using the next paragraph (Contrast Paragraph) to talk about how they are different and to decide which is superior to the other.
  • You can use the concluding sentence to transition to the Contrast Paragraph.