5. Comparison Paragraph

5.For the comparison and contrast assignments, you will be writing one comparison paragraph and one contrast paragraph.  In EN101, you may be writing an essay that both compares and contrasts two similar, but not identical, items.

The Comparison Paragraph, which will be due on Wednesday, March 8, requires you to compare two objects that have similarities. The Contrast Paragraph, which will be due on Friday, March 17, will require you to use the same food item, look at the differences between them, and determine which is superior to the other. Make sure that you pick a food item that has both similarities and differences.

The prompt: you will compare two specific kinds of food. Choose a type of food that you have been served in two different places. That could include a type of food served here at LC and at a restaurant, a type of food served at home and at a restaurant, or a type of food served here at LC and at home.

You WILL be using this same food item to write about in the Contrast Paragraph, where you will need to look at the differences between them, so do not pick a dish that is virtually identical as served in both locations.

DO NOT compare “the food somewhere else” and “the food at LC.” You need to be extremely specific and choose one type of food — red beans and rice, macaroni and cheese, baked chicken, barbecue brisket — to use when describing the similarities between them. If you do not focus on one specific dish, your paragraph will fail.

DO NOT compare two different restaurants. That is not the assignment, and your paragraph will fail if you do this.

Your topic sentence will, as usual, be the first sentence of your 200-300 word paragraph.

Your topic sentence will need to include the following information:

  • What the type of food is
  • Where the food has been served to you (both locations)

The rest of the paragraph must introduce and describe points of comparison, or similarities, between them.

The points of comparison should incorporate the skills you have developed in the description. Think about aspects of food that can be used to compare them — taste, smell, texture, appearance — and develop your paragraph along those lines.

  • Your paragraph will begin with the topic sentence, which will identify the type of food and the two places you have been served that food.
  • You will then decide what points you will use to compare them — how they taste, how they smell, how they look, the texture, the quality, the ingredients — and think about how they are similar. YOU ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT HOW THEY ARE DIFFERENT. YOU SHOULD NOT SAY THAT ONE FOOD IS BETTER THAN ANOTHER. YOU SHOULD NOT WRITE ABOUT ONE BEING WORSE THAN THE OTHER.
  • Your paragraph should be clear about what these two foods have in common all throughout the paragraph. You will be using the next paragraph (Contrast Paragraph) to talk about how they are different, and to decide which is superior to the other.
  • Make sure that any food that you decide to compare have enough points of similarity so that you will be able to write 200 words about them.