6. Contrast Paragraph

The Contrast Paragraph’s topic sentence and content will use the same classes that you used for your Comparison Paragraph. For example:

Comparison Paragraph topic sentence: (X class) at (Y) High School is very similar to (B class) at Louisiana College.

Contrast Paragraph topic sentence: (X class) at (Y school) is better than/superior to/preferable to (B class) at (C school).

Notice that the topic sentence does three things:

  1. identifies the classes
  2. identifies the schools
  3. makes the claim that one is better than the other

Your Contrast Paragraph needs to do the following things:

  1. Demonstrate the claim that one of the classes is better than the other
  2. Provide three criteria that highlight the differences between them
  3. Explain the differences and describe them in detail – give examples

You WILL NOT talk about the similarities between the two classes — you already did that in the Comparison Paragraph.

The points of contrast should incorporate the skills you have developed in the description. Think about aspects of the courses that can be used to contrast them — lecture styles, homework, content, group work, etc. — and develop your paragraph along those lines.

  • Your paragraph will begin with the topic sentence, which will identify the classes, the schools where you have taken those classes, and will claim that one is better than the other.
  • You will then decide what points you will use to contrast them — teaching style, lecture style, online v in person, etc. — and think about how they are different. YOU ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT HOW THEY ARE SIMILAR.
  • Your paragraph should be clear about how these two classes are different AND THAT ONE IS BETTER  all throughout the paragraph. It should be clear to the reader which is better than the other.
  • Make sure that the paragraph is between 200 and 300 words long.

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