2. Descriptive Paragraph #1

This prompt is going to test your ability to be specific and to elaborate on your descriptions. For the first descriptive paragraph, I am going to ask you to use those same elements to describe one location.

You will go to Guinn Auditorium and describe it.

Your topic sentence will state what you are describing and the impression that you have of its appearance. This will be a single sentence.

EXAMPLE: Guinn Auditorium at Louisiana College is/appears to be/seems……..

For your prewriting, take some notepaper and jot down what you see. You are going to use ONE WORD for the general description in your topic sentence, and the rest of your paragraph will support that description, so choose the right word.

  1. As always, your paragraph should be between 200 & 300 words. Those are ONLY the words in your paragraph, so make sure your word count is not including the header or the title.
  2. You should not have comma splices, fragments, fused sentences, or subject-verb disagreement.
  3. As always, your paper must have an identifiable topic sentence and it must be the first sentence of the paragraph. It should include the location of your description, and that location should be described clearly using one of two adjectives.
  4. Do NOT describe how you got to Guinn, and DO NOT USE THE FIRST PERSON (I, me, mine, we, our, us) – I do not care if you came from class, came from lunch or whatever – none of that matters. That is narrative. You are not telling a story; you are describing a location from an objective perspective. You will write entirely in the third person.
  5. Your paragraph has to be in MLA format with the appropriate header.
  6. If you have 5 major errors, your paper will fail automatically.

MLA formatting requires the following:

  1. Times New Roman 12-point font (NOT Calibri, which is the font MS Word uses – you have to change it)
  2. 1” margins on the top, bottom, and sides of your paper (you may have to change this as well)
  3. No indentation for the paragraph
  4. Title (which should be Descriptive Paragraph #1) should be centered and have NO extra spaces between the last line of the header and the title, or between the title and the first line of the paragraph.
  5. The entire document should be double-spaced, including the header.

Student Name


EN 091

Date the assignment is due

Descriptive Paragraph #1 (the title should be centered on the page)


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