3. Descriptive Paragraph #2

Now that you have practiced describing something that you can look at, you are going to be describing someone that you can look at.

Prompt: Describe the clown in the picture on the website.

You will be describing this clown — what he looks like, what you think he IS like based on the picture (kind, generous, funny, quick-tempered…), what he might do based on the picture (be your best friend, throw parties for you, etc.)

You will still be writing in the third person — do not write about “I think,” or “to me.”  Your topic sentence should be written in the following way:

The man in the picture looks ________________.

EX: The man in the picture looks delightful.


This topic sentence means that the ONLY thing the writer can discuss is how delightful the man appears to be.

You are going to speculate — based on his delightful appearance, the man would probably do what? How would he act? What might he think?

Remember to avoid major grammar errors*, contractions, and the first- or second-person.

Format your paper according to MLA standards, and make sure your paragraph is between 200 and 300 words.

*Major grammar errors to this point include:

  • Fragments
  • Fused sentences
  • Comma splices
  • S-V agreement problems