3. Descriptive Paragraph #2

Due Monday, 13 February

Prompt: Describe one of the buildings on the main street in Pineville. You could choose the municipal building, one of the shops, the elementary school — make sure that the building you choose has interesting external features and there is enough to write about the outside appearance. You will be focusing exclusively on the way the building looks. Do not write about the people around it or the landscaping in front of it. Do not talk about how to get to it. Only describe the building itself. 

You will still be writing in the third person , and you will still not be talking about how you got to the building. Remember that this is a strict description — the building has, the building looks, the building is.

Topic sentence:

  • should include the name of the building
  • should give an overall description — the overall impression that the building gives you

(Building’s name) is rundown/well-maintained/large and sprawling/unusually tidy for its surroundings, etc.

Pick an overall impression that you have of the building you have chosen, and then think of details that support that impression. Use detail and description to make the impression clear.

Remember to avoid major grammar errors*, contractions, and the first- or second-person.

Format your paper according to MLA standards, and make sure your paragraph is between 200 and 300 words.

*Major grammar errors to this point include:

  • Fragments
  • Run-on sentences
  • Comma splices
  • S-V agreement problems