1. Narrative Paragraph

You will be describing an interesting moment that you experienced on your first day of classes at LC in 200-300 words.* You will explain what you will write about and why it is important – why should the reader be interested?

Do not write about anything that you have previously covered and submitted to Turnitin. Make sure that the moment that you choose is interesting and, again, not something that you have written about before.

You will provide the following:

  • A topic sentence that clearly describes WHAT the moment was and explains WHY it is important to you.
  • A body paragraph that includes the major points of the event – what are the most important things that someone should know? You should not write about things or events, or thoughts that you had, that are NOT RELATED to the topic sentence. These points should be related in chronological order.
  • Enough details about the event that the reader will understand the context of your event
  • A conclusion that refers back to the topic sentence BUT DOES NOT REPEAT IT.

Grammar issues:

  • Avoid fragments (major grammar error)
  • Avoid comma splices (major grammar error)
  • Avoid fused sentences (major grammar error)
  • 5+ major grammar errors will result in automatic failure

*Any paragraph that has fewer than 200 words will fail automatically, even if the word count is 198 or 199 words.


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