Narrative Essay

If you remember, when we started the semester, you wrote a narrative in paragraph form. You watched short videos that told stories that focused on one idea or event. Here are two videos that focus on a much larger issue — the aftermath of Katrina on the 9th Ward in New Orleans, and the actions of one man to revive his neighborhood and serve his community.

When you watch these two videos, think about the details, the thoughts, and the emotions that Mr. Cotlon describes. Think about the way this one event has changed not only his life but his relationships with others. Your event may not be as earth-shattering as his, but you can describe it as well if you think closely about what you need to write.






Remediation Assignments

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If you do see these assignments, then you must complete them all before they are due, which is Sunday night at 11:55.

If you do not earn a passing grade on EACH ASSIGNMENT, you will be referred to the Student Success Center for tutoring and extra work. Therefore, it would be a very good idea to use your notes, the text, and any grammar handouts that you have when you are completing these assignments.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I will not reopen or extend these assignments. Do not attempt to complete these assignments on your mobile phone. 

The Essence of Narrative

Each of these narratives focuses on a short event or moment that was significant to the storyteller. There is a huge difference between spoken and formal, written English, so these are obviously more informal than your writing will be. They do an excellent job, however, of illustrating the narration of something important.

As you watch this narrative, think about how the elements that the narrator included  help make the story clearer to you.

With this story, think about perspective. How is Julio’s story different from the story that the mugger might tell?

The selection of events is important in this narrative because the speaker tells you what she remembers as being most important. The details and events that she talks about all emphasize her point — that she had to fight to get registered to vote because of her color.

This story gives a clear example of an overarching topic, so keep that in mind as you watch it.

Finally, remember this narrator’s use of details to create an idea of her life — how she chooses small details to illustrate the hardships she grew up with.