Describe Me for DP#2!

You are going to use me as the focus of your descriptive paragraph. Focus on how I look, speculate about what I am like, and think about what I might do based on all of those things.

Write your topic sentence.

  1. Describe the way that the man looks. This should take several sentences, and the description should SUPPORT your topic sentence. If you say he looks creepy, make sure that your description of the way he looks emphasizes the creepy parts.
  2. Describe what you THINK the man is like, based on the description you just wrote. Again, you will base your thoughts on your topic sentence – if you think he looks creepy, then talk about ways in which he might BE creepy.
  3. Describe what you think the man might do, based on what you just said he might be like. For example, if you said he probably loved his friends and was kind to them, then you might say that he probably knits sweaters for them and makes dinner for them as a surprise.

Each of these sections should have several sentences to them.



The Essence of Narrative

Each of these narratives focuses on a short event or moment that was significant to the storyteller. As we discussed, there is a huge difference between spoken and formal, written English, so these are obviously more informal than your writing will be. They do an excellent job, however, of illustrating the narration of something important.

As you watch this narrative, think about how the elements that the narrator included  help make the story clearer to you.

With this story, think about perspective. How is Julio’s story different from the story that the mugger might tell?

This narrative has a very clear chronological order. He talks about what happened, and then he talks about his feelings and anxieties that resulted from it. Remember the details that he uses to make the story more interesting.

The selection of events is important in this narrative because the speaker tells you what she remembers as being most important. The details and events that she talks about all emphasize her point — that she had to fight to get registered to vote because of her color.

This story gives a clear example of an overarching topic, so keep that in mind as you watch it.

Finally, remember this narrator’s use of details to create an idea of her life — how she chooses small details to illustrate the hardships she grew up with.