Attendance Agreement

Attendance Agreement
Louisiana College
EN091/Fall 2017

My professor, Kathleen McGinty-Johnston, explained Louisiana College’s attendance policy in class and in the course syllabus. I understand that LC requires that I attend at least 75% of the classes in order to pass EN091. As this class meets 3 times per week, that means I can miss no more than 10 classes before I fail automatically.

Furthermore, I understand the following:

  • An absence is defined as nonattendance for any reason, including illness, doctor’s appointments, legal obligations, family emergencies, or college-related activities.
  • Two separate occurrences of tardiness (being 10 minutes late) will count as one absence.
  • Leaving class early is grounds for being counted as absent.
  • Using any mobile device during class will result in my being counted absent.
  • Using the internet for any purpose apart from class-related activities will result in my being counted absent.
  • Sleeping in class will result in my being counted absent.
  • Working on materials for another class will result in my being counted absent.
  • At any point in the semester that I fail to attend 75% of the course, my professor will send a Failure due to Absences form to the Registrar’s Office, and at that point, I will have failed the course. I will also be withdrawn from the class, and my enrolled hours will be reduced by 3.
  • It is my responsibility to keep up with my own attendance and absences. I can access this through portal.
  • If I miss class, it is my responsibility to find out what I missed and to ask about any changes in the schedule.
  • If I miss class for school-activity-related reasons (field trips, athletic activities, extracurricular activities), I understand that it is my responsibility to alert my professor before my absence. I will NOT assume that the coach, advisor, or professor will do this on my behalf.
  • Any absence beyond three will negatively impact my attendance/participation grade.
  • If I miss three class sessions, the portal attendance system will report my absences to the Registrar’s Office.


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