Welcome to the absolutely mandatory website

When I refer to “the website,” this is the site I mean — NOT the portal. The main purpose of portal is to house your grades, online assignments, some downloadable documents, and attendance.

This site is a space for writing elements that I think may help you. Additionally, handouts and documents that I provide during class or outside of it will be available here as pages at the top of the home page. I will also use this site to remind you of upcoming assignments or obligations. You should check the site EVERY DAY.

I will post study hints that reinforce elements that we have discussed in class, and I will post useful study hints regarding the major grammar errors.

Failing to check the site WILL negatively affect your grade.

You will need to set up a Turnitin account that is linked to your LC email, as it is required for this course:

a. Go to Turnitin.com. Log in if you currently have an account. If you do not have an account, skip to “d.”
b. In your account, click on the “User Info” tab.
c. Change your email account to your LC email account. Skip to “f.”
d. If you do not have an account, click on “create account.” You must use your LC email account. This is the email that I will use when I communicate with you.
e. Create a user profile.
f. Use the following information to sign up:
EN091A РClass ID: 14362289; Password: EN091A
EN091B – Class ID: 14362297; Password: EN091B